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halde - Karl-Heinz Einberger
www.hotel-president.de -
Hannes Gamper
haltemal - Stefan Wischnewski
Reiseherrgottswinkel - Valentin Goderbauer
Rhizomes - Reynald Drouhin


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When you proceed further, these virtual rooms transfer into reality by using an installation developed for this purpose. Each installation can be "booked" and realised in an exhibition room that is made available.

Photographs document the exhibition and these are installed on the web site and then can be seen in the virtual room on the World Wide Web.

Terrasse /LADEN/ Munich


Restaurant /Sammlung Falckenberg/ Hamburg

www.hotel-president.de combines the virtual world of the World Wide Web with actual sculptural works, based upon the information of the hotel web site.
The installations are not replicas of the individual rooms of the various hotels, but are reduced sculptural transformations of the characters of the rooms.

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